Making the jump to be a successful day trader

Being your own boss, no staff, no work commitment to other people, enjoying a job that brings a steady stream of income. It’s what everyone dreams of? So why do so few people not make the jump to becoming a successful full time day trader?

Professional Day Trader and multi-millionaire Daryl Morse explains that most people don’t make it their ‘A plan’. People just look at it as a bit of side income, never really making the commitment to learning how the markets work. This route is doomed to fail. So what can a trader do to make it his ‘A plan’ and what are the steps to becoming a full time successful trader?

Because you are reading this you are already considering becoming a day trader or are a day trader that is struggling to make consistent profits. So let’s assume that you’re just starting out...

1. Avoid fake gurus

If you search online there is a plethora of trading ‘gurus’ who are willing to take your money with promises of quick get rich trading programs and techniques. As a Day trader, I’m going to give you the cold hard facts... day trading isn’t hard, but to become consistently profitable you need to be consistent. Be lazy with this and you’ll lose your money in a heart beat.

Buy a $100 trading program online and you’re sure to throw your money away. Ask me how I know? Like most experienced day traders, we’ve had our fair share of experiences with ‘snake oil’ sales men and we may as well have thrown our hard earned dollars on the fire! Learn my lesson, if you pay cheap you pay twice.

2. You do need a Mentor

Learning the stock markets is all about learning and repetition. But it’s not all about reading books and seeing patterns that have already formed in the books, it’s also about ‘doing’. One thing most new traders struggle with is seeing the chart pattern set-up, or failing to see other indicators that could potentially make them miss the trades. Or even the opposite, knowing when not to go into the trade. Yes, you can learn this with repetition, and usually this takes traders 7-10 years to achieve on their own, that’s why nearly 93% of traders ultimately fail.

But, what if you had a mentor, someone who is in the trading room with you, who calls out the trades and explains the reason for the entry into the trade. Daryl’s trading room is just that. This is mentoring and this style of learning greatly accelerates your learning. Daryl is a self made millionaire many times over from day trading.

So ask yourself, would you prefer to learn from someone who is extremely successful at what they do or would you follow someone who had no known credentials and probably never made a penny on the markets? The traders in the Limitless Volume trading room started with Daryl’s online day trading course, then paper (simulator) trade until they are consistently profitable, then begin to trade for real. Daryl mentors you through each stage, reviewing your trades and working on your weaknesses. This is the power of one on one mentor-ship.

3. Be decisive and persistent

As an example, If you decided to go out and learn to play Tennis, would you expect to be winning games and scoring aces against your seasoned opponents after one week? What about after one month? What happened if you only turned up to matches and never practiced? So why would you think you could do any different with day trading? Day trading takes time and effort to learn, that’s why Daryl Morse always recommends his new traders to learn his online course first. Then trade in the trading room using the simulator until they are consistently profitable for one month. After this the live trading begins.

Like Tennis or any sport, if you want to be on top of your game, you have to keep practicing and learning.... it's the same with day trading, because ultimately you are trading against some of the best traders in the world.


If you wish to be a day trader, start out by doing it the correct way. Time and time again, we have traders coming to limitlessvolume, who prior to joining, have been unsuccessfully trading for a number of years and have progressively picked up bad habits. They are psychologically damaged from poor trading practices, and it takes a lot longer for these traders to regain their mojo for day trading than traders who are starting out fresh. So do yourself a favor, contact Daryl via messenger and discover the right road to day trading and save yourself a bunch of time and money.

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